Appreciate instead of throwing away - My way from fast to fair fashion

During my studies, I worked in sales for a large fashion brand. I loved the brand and really enjoyed the work. I regularly spent part of my salary on new clothes.

In my mid-20s, I began to rethink my consumer behavior. I couldn't leave out my dealings with fashion. In my job I realized that the rapidly changing collections and low prices are always at the expense of people, animals and nature. That too as a consumer, the joy of buying trend pieces only lasted for a short time.

But I couldn't get enough of the superficially unspectacular parts, the essentials. It was they who accompanied me over many seasons and could be combined again and again.

I wanted to live out this style with a clear conscience. Polyester-free alternatives that met my sustainability and fairness standards were difficult or impossible to find.

The desire to become active matured in me and I founded my own fair fashion label. With Sonho Stories, I make what I would like to wear myself: Durable essentials in a clear, urban design, produced fairly and environmentally friendly.

I believe in change and I really want to shape it with you.

Your Hannah


Long backless tie dress
Slightly cropped cardigan made of wool (merino)
Unisex t-shirt with oversized fit and embroidered logo
Regular fit shirt with scalloped back
Cropped linen top with slit neckline
Long-sleeved oversized shirt