Materials & Care

On this page we would like to show you why materials are so important to us and what you should pay attention to when caring for our garments. Please contact us at any time if you need any further information.

0 % polyester

Our garments are based on 100% natural materials and are free from petroleum-based fibers (polyester). In this way we avoid microplastics, dangerous textile waste and protect your skin.

Certified materials

When sourcing the materials, we pay attention to strict certifications. Our jersey fabrics are certified organic, the wool is mulesing-free and comes from animal welfare.

made for the cycle

Reduce, Reuse, Repair, Rot, Recycle! All our efforts have one sustainability goal: the circular economy.

Organic cotton

Products made from organic cotton


Linen products

Wool (Merino)

products made of wool


Products from Curpo


Products made from Tencel™

Down to the last detail, what does that mean?

What is so dangerous about polyester in clothing?