Never stop dreaming

Dreaming means a lot to me. By that I don't just mean dreams while you sleep. I mean more the longing, the unfulfilled desires that you have during the day. There is something magical about dreams, like a little personal secret.

If the dream is big enough and comes up more and more often, I want to take it seriously.

I've dreamed of my own fashion label so often. I imagined which colors and materials I would use for the clothes, how I would cycle to my own office, which people would be part of my team, which social projects I could support through the label, how I could support my first own store would set up or what my happy customer would look like.

Sonho means dream in Portuguese. Sonho Stories is my personal dream story.

what are you dreaming about

xx Hannah

Long backless tie dress
Slightly cropped cardigan made of wool (merino)
Unisex t-shirt with oversized fit and embroidered logo
Regular fit shirt with scalloped back
Cropped linen top with slit neckline
Long-sleeved oversized shirt