Care for wool properly: 5 effective tips

The lifespan of your wool sweater depends not only on the quality, but also on the care of the product. So that the sustainable use of resources does not end with the purchase, it is important to care for woolen clothing properly. Wool resembles human hair. It is surrounded by a cuticle layer and reacts sensitively to moisture. If handled incorrectly, the wool can become matted or even shrink.

And yet this material is worth all the effort: Wool sweaters made of 100% wool (merino) are cozy and warm, do not scratch and regulate your body temperature perfectly. So that you do everything right and can enjoy wool clothing for a long time, we give you five effective tips to take with you.


Before washing, your first look should be at the washing label. If it is stated here that machine washing is possible, you can put the piece of wool in the washing machine without hesitation.


Of course, the tumble dryer is taboo for wool. After washing, place your wool item on a large towel and roll up the towel. This sucks the water out of the wool. Then shape it back up and let it dry on the towel. Under no circumstances should you unwrap the piece of wool or hang it on a hanger - otherwise the garment will become deformed.


Because wool is a natural product, it is also susceptible to moths. But don't worry, the following tricks will keep your clothes moth-free: Put a lavender bag next to the piece of wool - moths don't like that smell. Thyme, rosemary, mint, cedarwood or cloves can also be substituted for lavender. It is important that the bags are changed regularly, as the odor will diminish over time. Wrap the woolen clothing in newspaper if you know you won't wear it for a long time. This also helps prevent moth infestation.


The formation of small knots of wool, which form particularly in areas with a lot of friction, is called pilling. This pilling can only be avoided by chemical treatment. However, since we at Sonho Stories attach great importance to producing our wool pieces naturallyand thus not treating to, pilling is unfortunately unavoidable . You can enjoy the look of your Sonho wool piece for a long time if you observe the following:

  • Use a lint roller or brushbefore wearing for the first time. You can use this to remove loose fibers and prevent pilling.
  • Do not pluck knots by hand! This causes more fibers to come loose and the pilling to continue.
  • Consider tips for proper washing & drying.
  • Carefully go over the wool sweater with a wool razor (or called a pilling razor). To do this, lay the sweater flat on a table, smooth out the areas with the pilling and carefully go over them with the razor. Be careful not to press the razor too hard into the material.

We are confident that these tips will make it easier for you to care for your woolen items and that you will be able to enjoy these natural products for a long time. Please note that we are talking about the wool of the Merino sheep here. Please find out elsewhere if you want to care for cashmere wool.

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